Wood Curving
A biography of artist bartender Samantha Hoffman of Alameda, California.

Hi, I'm Sam

I build furniture and bar essentials. My designs are simplistic ideas stemming from my own needs as a

drink-slinging, dog-owning, city-dwelling woman. Combining my welding, woodworking and upholstery experience, I build housewares that

highlight the natural beauty of wood,

metal and textures. While I enjoy building pieces meant for a specific space or purpose, my guilty pleasure is building with reclaimed materials and creating one of a kind pieces.  

Abstract Texture

Before 2020 I had worked behind the bar for 12 years.

Some of my favorite past times tending bar were introducing lesser-known classic cocktails to curious patrons and tailoring down a recipe to match a certain palate. Imagine a margarita dialed into the exact sweet to sour to booze ratio that you prefer vs. the traditional recipe. I enjoy finding that go-to drink for someone. James Bond has the vodka martini. Carrie Bradshaw has the Cosmopolitian.

Do you have a signature drink?  

While we spend these days social distancing, I'm getting creative. I've put together a mobile bar on the back of a 1967 Ford F100. #sggstruck

Look for outdoor events with the SGGS Speakeasy in Spring 2021. In the meantime,

if you miss craft cocktails, microbrews, or if you're still searching for your signature drink sign-up to be a Member of the Speakeasy, it's free. And it's really the only

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Stay Safe & Kind