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Samantha Hoffman




A biography of artist bartender Samantha Hoffman of Alameda, California

Growing In Alameda

Samantha Hoffman has spent over a decade mixing drinks in the lively bars around San Francisco Bay, but these days, you’re just as likely to find her digging in the dirt at her urban farm, the Thirsty Garden. Even though she still loves the bar scene, Sam’s using her cocktail know-how to get closer to the ingredients she uses, growing them right in her backyard.



The Thirsty Garden isn’t just your regular patch of green—it’s where sustainable farming meets fresh-from-the-garden drinks. It’s her lab for experimenting with regenerative farming techniques and shaking up how we think about where our drinks come from. Sam’s also super hands-on and crafts her own bars and other projects, pulling from her skills in welding, woodworking, and upholstery. Her creations are all about bringing people together, sparking community vibes, and making any gathering a bit more special.



Today, Sam’s more than just a bartender, an urban farmer, or a crafty builder. She’s living proof of how blending creativity with passion can break the mold and inspire others to rethink how we connect with nature and each other, especially in urban spaces. Her farm stands as a symbol of innovation, persistence, and all the incredible things that can happen when we step outside the conventional and get creative.

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