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Marble Surface

At this time, local pickup and local delivery are available for the San Francisco  Bay Area only.

As a furniture builder and an all-around earth-dweller, I want to encourage all of us to spend more thought on what we choose to buy as new, what we discard as trash, and who we buy our goods from. Here in the Bay Area I've discovered many local shops and organizations that allow me to build with reclaimed materials that were sourced locally or support a local business. As an artist, it's important for me to begin each project by visiting local salvages and shops to find the inspiration for each design. I want to encourage people, whenever possible, to break from the traditional consumer market and use your money to support your local community or a businesses that takes care of its people and our planet. By changing our habits and with a little bit of creativity we can positively impact landfills and live finer, fuller lives together. Stay Safe.