In the back of a 1967 Ford F100, the Secret Garden Truck is pouring as a Speakeasy. The truck is equipped with a fully enclosed tap system, something you usually see dispensing beers behind a bar. However, this system is not limited to beer...or a permanent address. The tap system is integrated into the bed of the truck and it is where we share our bountiful garden, small batched concoctions and microbrews all for the love of craft cocktails. Sign up to our email list for forthcoming brews news, seasonal cocktail menus, and secret outdoor speakeasy events with the Secret Garden Truck.

Please. Drink Responsibly. Exist Respectfully.



Mobile Speakeasy.

Garden Supply.

Furniture Store.

1967 Ford F100 Truck.

 We also offer on-site cocktail programs for events. Whether it's a visit from our SGGS Mobile Speakeasy Truck or a keg+tap rental package, we want to
keep your party pouring.

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